Global Shopper Marketing Firm Launches In Africa

engage Management Consultants, leading training and organisational development specialists, set their sights on improving efficiencies and profitability for local FMCG businesses

engage Management Consultants (“engage”), one of the world’s leading training and organisational development specialists in shopper marketing, customer management and field sales management has recently launched in Africa with offices in Johannesburg and Cape Town.

engage was founded by Mike Anthony and Toby Desforges (co-authors of The Shopper Marketing Revolution) almost a decade ago. Together they have worked with over 20% of the top 250 consumer goods companies across three continents. engage has offices in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand, with further expansion in Europe and Australasia earmarked this year.

Jason (Frich) Frichol, a South African born and based specialist in shopper and retail marketing, has been working with engage to bring the consulting firm’s offering to Africa. Identifying a gap in the African Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) sector, Frich recognised the need for this new consumer goods marketing concept which engage refers to as “Total Marketing”. The essence of this approach is that shopper marketing adoption, as an organisational discipline, must be driven from the top down, and that recognised and accredited training and development programmes are crucial for sustainable profit growth.

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How Shopper Marketing is Revolutionizing Marketing

Mike Anthony and I (Toby Desforges) recently published a book called The Shopper Marketing Revolution. Since its publication we’ve been asked a number of times ‘what is revolutionary about shopper marketing?’. Every time I’m asked this question, my answer is that shopper marketing is not the revolution; the revolution is the change in the total approach to the way brands are being marketed – shopper marketing is just the catalyst.

In our view the marketing model that most consumer goods companies use today has worked for us since it matured back in the fifties. It’s driven by the pretty simple idea that a company can be successful by building a huge brand and ensuring that brand is effectively distributed to the market.  Continue reading

Shopper Marketing Needs Sales Directors

One ​of ​the ​world’s ​leading ​shopper ​marketing ​authorities ​is ​coming ​to ​South ​Africa ​for ​one ​day ​only. ​Toby ​Desforges ​will ​be ​hosting ​a ​one-day ​intensive ​workshop ​based ​on ​his ​extensive ​experience ​and ​highly ​acclaimed ​book ​- ​The ​Shopper ​Marketing ​Revolution.

When we talk about the brave new world of shopper marketing, we need to be very clear who in the company is involved, and why. As shopper marketing is done by shopper marketing teams in many companies, the common assumption seems to be it is a marketing ‘thing’ and therefore it is something to do with insights managers, brand managers, and trade marketing managers.  The reality as I see it is there are huge wins for every function in the business, and a big prize for the total company.  But I’m not sure every function is grasping how powerful shopper marketing can be – and I’m looking at the sales directors in particular. As everyone would miss out on the full benefits of shopper marketing unless all key stakeholders are on board, it is as important for sales directors as it is for other functions to understand why shopper marketing needs sales directors.

Why sales directors should be excited about shopper marketing 

Shopper marketing creates opportunities to drive growth at the same time as improving return on investment – things that every salesperson should be getting excited about. As a former sales director myself, I know that armed with the insights this process provides, I would have made some very different decisions in the past (as usual, hindsight is so powerful!!). Continue reading

Forget Category Captains. We need Category Lieutenants

The retailer is interested in the consumers’ behaviour in each of the two or three hundred categories it offers, but owing to a lack of critical mass in each category, the retailer does not have the budget or the personnel to discover the information. However, for a manufacturer, concentrating on a small set of categories, it is worthwhile. Another approach is to become category lieutenants. This is where a smaller supplier looks to complement the category captain by providing niche brands where the captain is weak or absent, and perhaps offering me-toos to reduce the dominance of the Category Captain

Store Wars: The FMCG Battle for In-store and Online Success

Global trade spend is $125 billion +

Total global trade spend is now estimated to be over $125 billion, well above the total profits of the major retailers, and McKinsey estimate it to be typically 30% of an FMCG manufacturer’s cost base, second only to the cost of goods at 40%. Most manufacturers now spend more on trade marketing than brand/ consumer marketing

Store Wars: The FMCG Battle for In-store and Online Success