Talks & Workshops

All sessions are fast-paced, practical, hands-on and distilled. The bulk of all content is new and innovative, providing practical tools over and above conventional courses / modules. Attendees of sessions receive lifetime access to exclusive mindshare and trend groups.

Shoppalign – 1 Day

“Shopper Marketing is an organisational discipline not a department”. This workshop with proven methodologies accelerates interdepartmental cohesion and facilitates an actionable shopper marketing plan in just one day. The workshop also includes a monthly check-in to evaluate progress and coach. More details.

Packology – Shopper Centric Packaging Design – 1 Day

Packaging is arguably the most valuable vehicle in the consumer goods marketing mix. This workshop gives you the unique tools and shopper science to exponentially increase conversions in the store and at the shelf. More details.

Shopper Design Science (SDS) – 1 DayShopper Design Science

Shoppers are exposed to thousands of messages on a single shopping trip.The majority of in store messaging and design is ineffective. This module workshop gives managers the tools to evaluate creative and messaging effectiveness to drive additional exposures which lead to additional impressions and greater sales. More details.

Shopper Behaviour & Habits – Half Day 

The bulk of shopper marketing initiatives fail to engage the unconscious and habitual mind for sustainable medium to long term gains. This workshop gives managers the foundations on how to influence shopper behaviour at lower investment levels for much greater returns. More details.

Visual Merchandising Science (VMS) – 1 Day

This workshop provides managers and middle management the fundamentals, science and new tools to leverage their window and in store investments. It is based on the latest shopper marketing research and covers windows, store design, displays, shopper flow, store layout, way finding and more. More details.

Best Practices, Latest Research & Trends – Half Day Workshop

These workshops are updated annually with the latest research, publications, white papers, case studies and executions. They are aimed at busy professionals who are looking for a fast-paced, power update to keep them abreast of developments and trends. There are three workshops:

– Shopper Marketing 2013/2014
– Visual Merchandizing 2012/2013
– Packaging Best Practices 2012/2013