Packology – 1 Day

Packaging is arguably the most important vehicle in the consumer packaged goods marketing mix; yet it garners a fraction of the investment, time, attention and resources that its counterparts enjoy.  It is usually the only tactile touch point that shoppers and consumers have with the brand. More importantly, packaging in most cases is responsible for closing the sale at the point of purchase.

Packology is a set of shopper-centric methodologies and approaches that help designers and managers strategize and evaluate their packaging to drive higher exposures and impressions and, therefore, sales.


The objective of the course is to support the aesthetic with science in addition to making sure that one is communicating both to the shopper (purchase) and the consumer (re-purchase). Participants will get the latest trends and research in addition to working on case studies with the toolkit. The Packology toolkit includes Tetraquad (4 pillars for successful packaging), Hexapack (the 6 critical attributes), PackSpan (packaging life cycle tracker), Decapack (10 metric stakeholder assessments), Shoppack (design evaluation for shoppers), Packcon (design evaluation for consumers) and PackForm (innovation and disruption evaluation).

Target Audience

Companies, managers and teams in the FMCG,  Pharmaceuticals (OTC), Consumer Electronics, Appliances, Apparel or retail sectors.

Shoppalign • Shopper Design Science • Shopper Behaviour • Visual Merchandising Science • Best Practices