Shopper Design Science (SDS) – 1 Day

Shoppers are exposed to thousands of messages on a single shopping trip. They will probably only be able to recall two or three of these messages. Brands have seconds to grab attention, engage and sell in retail space.  The majority of retail design and messaging is ineffective.

With the proliferation and fragmentation of media, shoppers now choose which media they want to consume and for how long, if at all. The store is becoming the primary and most effective medium. But how does one stand out from the crowd?

SDS is based on shopper psychology and behavioural fundamentals that must be considered when it comes to designing, communicating and promoting in store. It is an evaluation methodology which covers visual communication, semiotics, shopper messaging, form, colour, wayfinding, orientation and more.

SDS is used to evaluate retail advertising, POP displays, CPG packaging, broadsheets, circulars, in store media, point of sale material and more.


The objective of the course is to help managers and designers understand shopper psychology and habits when it comes to messaging and design in retail space. Participants will be given a set of tools to help them grab those exposures, maximize impressions and close sales, ultimately selling more products to more shoppers, more often.

Target Audience

Companies, managers, teams in the FMCG,  Pharmaceuticals (OTC), Consumer Electronics, Appliances, Apparel or retail sectors.

Shoppalign • Packology • Shopper Behaviour • Visual Merchandising Science • Best Practices