Visual Merchandising Science (VMS) – 1 Day

This course provides managers and middle management the science and tools to more effectively communicate with shoppers and, in turn, drive higher revenues. The workshop is designed to offer and complement professionals with new tools and insights. It is based on shopper marketing fundamentals and covers windows, store design, displays, wayfinding and more.


VMS provides attendees with the latest science and toolkit to gauge and radically improve messaging, design and execution. This includes atmospherics, shopper behaviour, colour psychology, semiotics, orientation, wayfinding, space optimization, visual literacy, location, field of view and more.

Target Audience

Management, middle management, department managers, operations managers, buyers, store planners, marketing executives, visual merchandisers, display executives, store owners, store managers and field managers.

Shoppalign • Packology • Shopper Design Science • Shopper Behaviour • Best Practices